Kerry mackey

Consultant, Speaker, Connector

“While serving as an executive pastor at Saddleback Church, Kerry was on my team. So, I have observed him down in the trenches of local church ministry. I can tell you that he is a high-capacity leader with incredible gifting. But, he also has heart and an engaging personality. Kerry loves the local church and is a friend to the pastor. Because he has served in churches of all sizes and because he is an exceptional system builder, he can help design and develop strategic next steps for your ministry. Through Street to the Seat, Kerry will help you widen the front door of your church and close the back door. “

Lance Witt
Founder, Replenish Ministries
former Executive Pastor, Saddleback Church
Castle Rock, Co

“Kerry has the bandwidth of an team of 10. He sees gaps and build bridges. His strategic mind allows his to hurdle over obstacles and the bar is raised with his strong work ethic.”

Clayton Coates
Discipleship Pastor
Crossroads Church
Camarillo, California

“As the Membership Pastor at Saddleback Church Kerry had a wide range of responsibilities: Overseeing and Teaching the Membership class, oversight of the totality of the C.L.A.S.S. system and the responsibility of getting people from the street to the seat, the look and feel of Saddleback Church.  Under his leadership the C.L.A.S.S. system was streamlined and the church became more efficient in the assimilation process.  As the Pastor responsible for “Street to the Seat” Kerry had a keen eye for “first time impressions”. He worked with the leadership…to continually define and refine the look and feel of the Saddleback Church campus…Kerry’s pastoral presence was seen and felt in each or our 6 services. Through his leadership of the volunteer greeters, ushers, traffic, medical, baptism, communion people the flow of the weekend services was always great.  Kerry is regarded as a leader…mentoring persons, detailed and very well organized. He is also know as a person who gets results. He is strategic in his thinking and has great ability to execute.  Kerry lead a team of 7 full time staff and 1,014 volunteers. During Kerry’s tenure he increased volunteerism by over 30% in his area of ministry.  Kerry has a deep love for the local church; his heart and passion and his desire to serve Pastors.  I would recommend him to any pastor who wants to hire a consultant to develop processes, training, and organizational structure for his church or as an Executive Pastor in a local church. “

Glen J. Kreun
Senior Executive Pastor, Saddleback Church
Lake Forest, CA

“Creative. Leader. Humble. Out of the box thinker. Relational. Passionate for God and people. Kerry understands how to share the Christian faith to seekers and help them grow in Christ. He understands church processes and how a church can transition from a traditional to a purpose-driven church.”

Daryl Eldridge
President, Rockbridge Seminary
Springfield, MO

“Kerry really gets invitational church strategies. He’s cracked the code on creating environments that attract and assimilate newcomers into the life of a church family. Having partnered with him on staff in the Saddleback context as well as being coached by him in my new church setting, I’ve consistently been impressed by his sage consultative insight. Kerry is uniquely equipped to assess a church’s present initiatives into its community and then offer laser-focused suggestions for drawing and welcoming people. He has the missional heart of Jesus that beats compassionately for seekers and persons searching for authentic biblical community.”

Scott Benson
Executive Pastor
Yorba Linda Friends Church
Yorba Linda, CA

“I have know Kerry for 20 years and have seen him grow into an incredible leader and follower of Christ. He thinks outside the box and brings years of experience in the ministry to help others be creative, create strategy, then execute and lead others through the strategy. Kerry is genuine, passionate, and committed to reaching people for Christ.”

Wayne Bartley
Prosper, TX

“Kerry is a powerful communicator. He has an incredible way of presenting truth to any audience and placing it within their grasp. Kerry has an incredible knowledge of the church today and has a vision to help us as Christ followers impact our world with the truth of Jesus Christ. I have known Kerry for more than 10 years, he is man of impeccable character, his values are grounded in truth, and his commitment to Christ is unwavering.”

Wayne Cotton
Business Administrator
First Baptist Church,
Lewisville, TX

“Kerry is gifted and genuine in helping people and churches make disciples. He’s a cutting edge visionary who is able to put feet to a vision. He’ll help you do the same. The best thing about Kerry is that he leads from his walk with God.”

Alan Stoddard
Lead Pastor
First Baptist Church
Ruiodos, NM

“Kerry is a top level leader and could be an executive at any company or church with much success. He is brings energy and execution to everything he is involved with and does it with strong and very natural relational skills. Any group would benefit from his focus and drive.”

Tony Steward
Owner, The Bike Lab OKC
Oklahoma City, OK