Team Mackey , llc

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My name is Kerry Mackey.  Born and raised in East Texas I have been blessed to live and travel

across the U.S. and around the World.  My wife Stephanie and I have four wonderful boys and

currently reside in Gladewater, Texas after many years spent on both the East and West Coasts. 

I am honored to have a degree in Forestry & Forest Recreation from Stephen F. Austin State

University and a Master's in Education from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

We feel honored to provide quality Land, Timber, & Wildlife Management, Professional Lawn Care,

and Heavy Equipment Construction needs for your dream property(s) here in East Texas.  We offer a

wide range of services; including, writing management plans, timber inventory / sales / purchases, wildlife management, personal and corporate lawn care; as well as, dirt work, pond building, bush hogging, private roads & lease road maintenance and land clearing.

Our Values:

FREEDOM - Fighting for freedom by empowering others to lead
RELENTLESS PURSUIT - Going hard after the hearts of others
VALUING PEOPLE - Creating communities of belonging
RADICAL GENEROSITY - Giving out of gratitude, holding nothing back
SELFLESS SERVICE - Seeing the needs of others and their families while responding to them practically, emotionally and spiritually 
DELIBERATE LEADERSHIP - Purposefully training others in the knowledge, skills and opportunities that have been entrusted to us
CONTAGIOUS ENTHUSIASM - Expecting and experiencing laughter, joy and fun when we’re together 
RISK & INNOVATION - Risking everything to follow God with courageous innovation

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